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This week’s update features The Sequel To One Of The Hottest Live Foot Worship/Domination Sessions You Have Ever Seen!


Enjoy the new vid below! Let me know if you are interested/have any questions!

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NOW… About that NEW VIDEO


NEWLY RELEASED: November-2018

3-LLL: Title: “Real-Time Foot Worship II”

Price: $60



Offensive gay terms/degradation/dirty talk used. Role-play/acting involved. Made by special request only. Taylor is NOT homophobic.

November 2018, The sequel of video 3-GG (foot worship category) Slave Chris couldn’t keep his mind off of Taylor and his perfect feet after their first meeting. After an intense experience like that, it was official… Chris was now dedicated to Master Taylor for LIFE.

After saving up some money, it was time for Chris to arrange another worship. His life’s purpose was to now serve his Master and his perfect feet.

Upon Master Taylor’s arrival, Chris is prepared. He has a warm bath run and ready to bathe and adore those feet. 

It’s time to turn it up, full on pampering now… and Chris has fully submitted… His eyes are locked on those feet and can’t stop staring. He’s in a full trance.

Now that the stage is set, the real action starts. Enjoy a side-by-side double camera angle of the full worship session. It gets intense and Master Taylor is nice at times, but when he wants something… look out… his carefree attitude will be demanding and direct. A hypnotic experience for sure.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. Role-play.

Duration: 23:38



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