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Title: “Worship My Ass Nikki”

Price: $55



September 2015, Nikki starts off by worshiping Taylor’s body, licking and kissing him from his armpits all the way down to cock and ass. She pays extra attention to his armpits, as she loves the smell and taste of his scent. Then, Taylor decides that she can have his ass that she wants so badly. Nikki worships, licks, kisses, and plays with Taylor’s big, round, white ass. Now it’s time to tease Nikki one last time before she can taste Taylor’s ass. He holds open his ass cheeks and tells her to just look at it but not to touch, yet 😉 Once he gives her the green light, Nikki shows just how much she was craving the taste of Taylor’s sweet ass. She eats his ass from behind and jerks his hard cock off at the same time. He then gets up on the bed in doggy where Nikki continues to do work on his cock, balls, and pink asshole. Finally, Taylor flips over on his back and jerks his cock while Nikki eats his ass until the dual pleasure sends him over the top making him shoot a hot load on his abs.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: In front of Taylor and Nikki and pointing towards them. Lots of dirty talking and moaning happening throughout.

Duration: 20:15



Title: “I’ll Show You How Grown Up I Am Now”

Price: $65



May 2016, Taylor isn’t a little kid anymore and he wants to prove that to his friend Johnny from school. Johnny doesn’t think that Taylor will suck a dildo or put it up his ass so Taylor decides to make this video to prove him wrong. Taylor really wants to show Johnny how much of a man he is so he shows him that he knows how to fuck and suck a dildo, but this isn’t enough. Taylor shows him that he can also use a dildo to fuck his ass and finally he uses a prostate stimulator/cock ring combo to work out that big boy load that he knows will impress his friend Johnny.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Shot in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout.

Duration: 29:39



Title: “Kidnapped, BUTT There Is A Way Out…”

Price: $50



May 2016, Taylor wakes up to realize that he has been kidnapped! He is blindfolded and bound by rope. Once he gets free, he notices a note next to him that says he will be let free if he just uses the “objects” next to him. Clearly upset, Taylor realizes there is no other way out so he complies and fills his booty to get free.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. Laying on futon/couch.

Duration: 10:06



Title: “Girl Friend Rape”

Price: $50



June 2016, Taylor wakes up naked and cloudy. He feels like he has been drugged or something! He realizes he isn’t alone… his girlfriend is there and she is telling him what she wants him to do to himself. She tells him to finger his ass, cover his mouth to shut him up, finger his mouth, etc. Finally, she tells him that he can do the same to her if he just continues doing with what she asks. She has him use a couple different toys on himself all the while Taylor screams and moans describing what he is feeling.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: GIRL FRIEND ISN’T ACTUALLY THERE. Just simulating dialogue. Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. Laying on futon/couch.

Duration: 14:54



Title: “Let’s Experiement”

Price: $60



June 2016, continuing from video 2-NN, Johnny comes over to Taylor’s house and this time they are done trying to prove who is more grown up… Taylor and Johnny are proving it with some hot action. Scene starts with Taylor fucking Johnny until he “cums” on the bed. This displays what Taylor looks like while he fucks. His ass is twerking and moving. Johnny leaves and Taylor does some twerking to some music to shake his ass up. Then, out of no where, Johnny knocks on the door and busts back in to the room and starts sucking off Taylor until he makes him “cum” again. But Johnny isn’t done there… He starts finger Taylor’s ass now, sliding in up to three fingers forcing Taylor to “cum” once again. Now Taylor demands that Johnny fucks him. Taylor takes it doggy style, then gets on top of Johnny and rides it. Finally, Taylor demands that he cums one more time, so he sits back and jerks off for a big cumshot.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Able to see entire body throughout vid, Johnny is NOT there and is NOT a real character. Taylor cums only ONCE at the end of the video. All fucking and two person interaction is simulated as if the second person is actually there.

Duration: 44:44



Title: “Things Got Weird, BUTT Let’s Still Be Friends”

Price: $60



August 2016, Taylor stops by his gay friend’s house after things recently got a little awkward after the friend tried to make a move on Taylor. Things seem to be going smoothly until the friend asked Taylor to take a look under the towel that is on the bed. To Taylor’s surprise, he finds an assortment of different butt play tools. Dildos, buttplugs, and even a cucumber! Taylor can’t believe his friend would ask him to use these things in front of him but his friend said he is willing to pay Taylor to do it. This sparks Taylor’s interest and agrees to work the different toys on his ass… only for the money though.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout video.

Duration: 22:15



Title: “Serve Me in My New House”

Price: $50



April 2016, Nikki walks in to the room wearing nothing but a lacy thong. Taylor rips her undies off and tosses her on the bed to eat her ass and pussy in every direction and position that he can. His dick is already hard and ready for Nikki. Taylor lays down while Nikki serves him by sucking his hard cock, rubbing/finger/licking his asshole. This continues until Taylor receives an earth shattering orgasm shooting his load in Nikki’s mouth and all over himself.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Excellent lighting, able to see entire body’s of both Nikki and Taylor throughout. Shot on bed.

Duration: 13:11



Title: “Anything For An A”

Price: $70


January 2017, Taylor plays a dumb jock named Charlie that is assigned to make a video for his health class which demonstrates the function of the male prostate. Charlie is fortunate enough to have the smartest kid in the class, Mikey, as his partner though. Charlie fully relies on Mikey to give him instruction on what to do to get the “A” he needs to play in the big game Friday night. He is willing to do whatever Mikey says and some times Charlie takes it too far, which annoys Mikey but the show must go on! Charlie starts off by doing some humping and twerking, then demonstrates how to stimulate his prostate with not one, not two, but THREE different anal “tools”. Charlie is so eager to please, that he even sucks on the dildo before he slides it in his ass! Finally, the last step for Charlie is to keep his vibrating butt plug in his ass while he jerks off and cums to show the power of prostate stimulation. Charlie is excited after his earth rattling cum… so he looks to Mikey for good praise. Unfortunately, there is no smile on Mikey’s face… However, there is something that Mikey has though when he decides to drop his pants to show Charlie…

Camera Perspective/View/Style: THERE IS NO ACTUAL MIKEY IN VIDEO. SOLO VIDEO ACTING AS IF MIKEY IS BEHIND CAMERA GIVING DIRECTION. Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout video.

Duration: 53:25



Title: “Up Close And Personal”

Price: $60


March 2017, Shane has a thing for seeing straight boy’s asses getting stretched out, up close. This camera angle is so up close to Taylor’s asshole that it feels like you can almost just stick your tongue out and have yourself a taste of this straight jock ass. Taylor uses a dildo to give Shane exactly what he wants… It’s totally normal to lick your computer screen being this up close and personal.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout video.

Duration: 14:48



Title: “Up Close And Personal II”

Price: $60


April 2017, Shane is back for more of this straight ass… Can you blame him?! Pull up a chair, dinner is served! Watch the clear straight boy ass juice drip out of this clean booty as it gets threaded with deep, long strokes from a black dildo. Work over this straight boy as Taylor submits while you pound out his jock booty. Excellent views, lighting, and angle to get the full up close and personal experience.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout video.

Duration: 15:25



Title: “Won A Bet”

Price: $70


May 2017, Taylor is the President of a college fraternity. A Senior. A Mr. Big Shot. There was a freshman pledge, Jakey, who just so happened to be Taylor’s neighbor in his hometown, that had decided to rush Taylor’s fraternity. Taylor bet him that he wouldn’t stand a chance because he was so small and scrawny.

Well, Jakey went and proved Taylor wrong and now Jakey is at Taylor’s door coming to reap his bet winnings. The bet was simple, Jakey wins and Taylor does what ever he wants.

Jakey starts by asking for a kiss, then he tells Taylor to take off his clothes and twerk. Next he tells Taylor to lay on his back on the floor. Jakey tongues Taylor’s ass and eventually pulls out his cock (small prostate stimulating dildo). He rubs Taylor’s asshole and fucks it in cowboy, reverse cowboy, doggystyle, and missionary.

Finally, Taylor tells Jakey to jerk him off just how he likes it until he busts a nice thick load all over himself. I think there may be more experiences with Jakey soon…

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout video. THERE IS NO JAKEY, SOLO VIDEO WITH TAYLOR ACTING AS IF JAKEY IS THERE.

Duration: 36:00



Title: “Voyeur Cam Show”

Price: $55


June 2017, Spy in on one of Taylor’s private Skype shows where his client likes to have him wear female panties and shorts that show off his ass. You can hear the client instructing Taylor what to do. He has him crawl on his hands and knees to and from the camera and tease him countless other ways! Finally, he gets Taylor on his back and has him finger and stretch out his asshole, showing his gaping hole. If you are looking to dominate the alpha for once, here is your chance 😉

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout.

Duration: 24:13



Title: “I Bet the Guy From the Gym Wants This Ass”

Price: $70


July 2017, Join Taylor for over an HOUR long session where he starts off by stretching in provocative positions, and gets a pump all in the NUDE of course. After the pump and calisthenics, he is now horny so he sits back and plays with his ass. As Taylor does this, he talks about different guys at the gym, wondering who is checking him out, who has the big dicks, who is gay, etc. This leads Taylor to start playing with his hole by fingering his ass. Then he grabs a dildo because his fingers just aren’t enough anymore. He fucks his ass until he gives himself multiple “mind orgasms”. His eyes roll back in his head as Taylor pounds his prostate hitting his G-spot. After nearly 10min of fucking himself with a dildo and having multiple mind orgasms, Taylor dozes off for a brief minute from simply being overwhelmed by pleasure. Taylor continues to wonder about the different guys at the gym… He is still horny thinking about all of the possibilities. So he sits back and gets his dick nice and hard and rubs out a loud load holding his legs in the air as he cums.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. Starts with socks on and loses them right before jerk off.

Duration: 1:01:11



Title: “Booty Hole Worship”

Price: $50


August 2017, Obsessed with Taylor’s big WHOOTY?? (White boy with a booty)And how about that pink hole? Do you want to know what it smells like? Tastes like? Then get as close as you can to doing just that in this hot big booty/asshole worship video. Taylor twerks (2 separate slo-mo’s included), rubs, smells, and even tastes his hole and describes it all so you can just picture what it is really like. Don’t forget about the constant dirty talk and teasing throughout. Enjoy plenty of close-ups and views of his pink asshole that will be sure to get your cock dripping.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout.

Duration: 11:06


2-UUUU NEWLY RELEASED: September 2017

Title: “Clean My Hole”

Price: $50


September 2017, Taylor just got home from the gym, and is extra sweaty after a hard sweaty leg day. Instead of hopping in the shower, he uses you, his personal ass hole cleaner to take care of it for him. Taylor gapes his hole open wide over and over to make sure you clean every nook and cranny. Worship this giant white booty as you hear plenty of dirty talk throughout from this cocky jock. Prepare to have your tongue become Taylor’s toilet paper.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. Light domination, playful attitude.

Duration: 10:34



Title: “Mind Orgasms”

Price: $60


**Warning** Some offensive gay terms used. Role-play involved.

December 2017, Enjoy this hour-long buttplay, jerk off, and role-play vid!

Taylor has just come home from the gym and sets up the camera to do a video diary. He talks about how he overheard some fags at the gym talking about mind orgasms. Taylor asserts his straight-ness, but admits he is intrigued by these “mind orgasms” and has to find out what they are all about.

He scrounges around the room and comes across a dildo that his girlfriend must have left out. So Taylor strips down to nothing but his knee-high socks, sneakers, and a cap and starts experimenting. On his back with his legs in the air, he starts rubbing his hole with the dildo. This starts to make his body quiver, so he knows he must be on the right track to these mind orgasms. His legs begin to shake uncontrollably, eyes roll back, and he smirks as he thinks about how bad those fags from the gym must wish they were there to see this. Taylor keeps rubbing his hole, which is certainly sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body, but he still can’t seem to get that mind orgasm.

Then, it hits him… he starts to think about what those fags from the gym must do to get a mind orgasm… He must put the dildo in his ass! As Taylor starts putting it in, he again declares that he is not a fag; he just needs to figure out this mind orgasm stuff once and for all. As the dildo stretches out his ass, he is amazed that it doesn’t hurt at all! It even feels good!

More leg shaking/moaning/and eye rolling ensues when Taylor locates his prostate and BOOM his first mind orgasm hits! The feeling is overwhelming and sends his body into shockwaves of pleasure. Realizing this is the most amazing thing he has ever felt, he continues to fuck himself over and over producing multiple mind orgasms as he talks about those fags at the gym doing these things to him.

After close to seven mind orgasms, Taylor realizes that he needs to cum BADLY!

So he does just that with his legs in the air and when he is about to cum, he shoves the dildo back in his hungry ass, hits his prostate one last time, and shouts out to those gym fags, “I’m cumming dudes!!”.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Role-play scenario. Solo video. Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout.

Duration: 59:29



Title: “Violated By Dad”

Price: $55


February 2018, Taylor plays a young, curious, unsuspecting son experimenting alone in his room. He is naked, playing with his dick, rubbing his asshole.. you know.. just normal self-exploration stuff 😉

Suddenly, Taylor’s dad busts in to the room! He got home sooner than Taylor expected. Dad has been watching Taylor play with his ass and decides he’s gonna give Taylor a good fucking… This is all about experimentation after all, isn’t it? Taylor begs, pleads, and pouts with his father to not do this to him… but it’s too late.

After dad is done fucking Taylor, he makes him jerk off in front of him. Taylor can’t believe that his own father would do this to him but after a short while, he gets horny and busts a HUGE nut for daddy.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. Role-play. Solo-video.

Duration: 19:56



Title: “Voyeur Anal & Cum Show”

Price: $55


February 2018, Spy in on a private cam show Taylor had with a client!  The show requests included butt play with THREE different toys followed by a HOT jerk off and cum session with a prostate stimulator/cock ring combo that really get’s the EXPLOSIVE juices flowing! If you have ever considered a live 1-on-1 cam show with Taylor, this vid gives you a good idea of the friendly, sexy, personable, and playful conversation that goes down! Get an inside peak on the fun! Be that fly on the wall that you LOVE to be!

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout.

Duration: 34:03


6-F NEWLY RELEASED: March – 2018 

Title: “Mind Orgasms 2”

Price: $60


**Warning** Some offensive gay terms/dirty talk used. Role-play involved.

March 2018, The sequel to the very popular “Mind Orgasms” video is another hour-long buttplay, jerk off, and role-play video. Taylor has come home from a long day at work and starts doing a video diary. He mentions that he has been training in a co-worker and has noticed that this new guy has been blatantly checking out his big, round booty. This new guy really has no shame, doesn’t try and hide the fact that he is checking out Taylor’s ass at all.

To top things off, Taylor noticed that not only this guy is checking him out, but he’s starting to get a hard on… and it’s a big one! Taylor asserts his straightness, but can’t help but wonder what this new guy’s big dick would feel like pounding into his white bubble butt, stimulating his prostate.

Then Taylor mentions that his ex called looking for her dildo. He tells her that he hasn’t seen it… but in no time it is clear that he still has it… to use to satisfy his own curiosity. Taylor strips off his dress shirt and slacks but leaves the dress shoes and socks on. It’s time for Taylor to use that dildo to satisfy his imagination about what it would feel like to have that co-working hit his prostate over and over.

Taylor starts up some dirty talk to his trainee “Kyle” to make this play time as real as it gets to the real thing. He rubs, teases, and eventually slides the dildo inside which elicits the first of MANY mind orgasms. Heavy dirty talk ensues as Taylor repeatedly hits his prostate over and over which in total give him EIGHT mind orgasms that make his legs shake, body tremble, and eyes roll back! He even gets a couple mind orgasms in doggy style position because he has to feel what it would be like.

Now it’s time to jack off. Taylor NEEDS to cum for real. He sits back, talks dirty, and right before he cums, he grabs the dildo again and shoves it in to hit his prostate one last time which produces a super loud, mind-altering load.  You think he would be finished after all of that, but Taylor wants just one more mind orgasm to finish him off. This last one is so intense that it makes him pass out from the extreme pleasure. I wonder what work will be like with Kyle now after all of that…

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. Role-play.

Duration: 59:32



Title: “Pound My Pussy”

Price: $60


June 2018, Holy smokes… Over an HOUR long! This vid is too hot to handle!

Taylor takes on a submissive role in this feature. He treats you like the king you are and backs it up with non-stop dirty talk about how he wants you to fuck his pussy.

Taylor tempts and teases you in some lingerie and skimpy panties first. Then he warms up that pussy for Daddy as he rubs and shows off his hole, spreads his cheeks apart, and does some fingering.

Last but not least, it’s time for that pussy to get pounded out. Taylor moans loudly and only intensifies the dirty talk as this straight stud BEGS to get fucked in all sorts of positions and by several toys. Don’t forget to switch off on jerk off hands while watching this one folks… and hour is a LONG time! Can you handle it? 😉

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. Role-play.

Duration: 1:02:22


6-K NEWLY RELEASED: August-2018

Title: “Pound My Pussy 2”

Price: $60


August 2018, Did you enjoy video 6-J, “Pound My Pussy”? (If you missed it, it’s located directly above this video.)

Ready or not, here comes another HOUR of submissive booty play from Taylor.

He dresses up and shows off his sexy body in skimpy lingerie and panties. The dirty talk to Daddy is turned all the way up the entire time.

An array of booty play with different toys and positions that show off his athletic bubble butt round out the hour and will leave you speechless.

Expect plenty of dildo sucking. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel like your dick is out and in the middle of the action. Taylor makes you feel like you are right there with him.

If the idea of a hot, straight stud begging to get fucked is up your alley, then jump on this one NOW.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. Role-play.

Duration: 59:13


6-L NEWLY RELEASED: August-2018

Title: “Dad Owns Me”

Price: $60


**Warning** EXTREME Role-play involved. Was produced only by special request.

August 2018, Daddy and his friends are over playing poker. Unfortunately, Daddy lost… big time. This shouldn’t be your problem, but Daddy promised that you would give his friends a nice little show if he lost.

So he wakes you up, in the middle of the night and humiliates you in front of his friends. He asks you to show off your hole in different positions, spreading it, and making it wink. Taylor is pouting that he doesn’t want to but it’s too late. He notices his Dad’s friends rubbing their crotches. This doesn’t look good.

They all start having a shot at Taylor one or two at a time. Taylor hates it so much but it doesn’t stop anything. Just when Taylor thinks they are done, these sick friends have one last demand in mind…

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout. EXTREME Role-play. Buttplay.

Duration: 20:17