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My birthday is closing in fast as well (12/19)… We are all getting older! At least we are all gaining age (and hopefully wisdom) together 🙂


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NOW… About those 4 NEW VIDEOS that were just released!




Title: “Teasing A Wet Pussy”

Price: $40


December 2017, Get ready for some dirty talk as Taylor’s dripping wet toes plays with your pussy. He rubs and teases your pussy lips while he talks seductively to get your juices flowing even more so! Enjoy this sensual foot tease with your juices glistening off Taylor’s perfect feet.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Role-play scenario, not aggressive, lots of teasing/dirty talk. Solo video. Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout.

Duration: 10:04



Title: “Mind Orgasms”

Price: $60


**Warning** Some offensive gay terms used. Role-play involved.

December 2017, Enjoy this hour-long buttplay, jerk off, and role-play vid!

Taylor has just come home from the gym and sets up the camera to do a video diary. He talks about how he overheard some fags at the gym talking about mind orgasms. Taylor asserts his straight-ness, but admits he is intrigued by these “mind orgasms” and has to find out what they are all about.

He scrounges around the room and comes across a dildo that his girlfriend must have left out. So Taylor strips down to nothing but his knee-high socks, sneakers, and a cap and starts experimenting. On his back with his legs in the air, he starts rubbing his hole with the dildo. This starts to make his body quiver, so he knows he must be on the right track to these mind orgasms. His legs begin to shake uncontrollably, eyes roll back, and he smirks as he thinks about how bad those fags from the gym must wish they were there to see this. Taylor keeps rubbing his hole, which is certainly sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body, but he still can’t seem to get that mind orgasm.

Then, it hits him… he starts to think about what those fags from the gym must do to get a mind orgasm… He must put the dildo in his ass! As Taylor starts putting it in, he again declares that he is not a fag; he just needs to figure out this mind orgasm stuff once and for all. As the dildo stretches out his ass, he is amazed that it doesn’t hurt at all! It even feels good!

More leg shaking/moaning/and eye rolling ensues when Taylor locates his prostate and BOOM his first mind orgasm hits! The feeling is overwhelming and sends his body into shockwaves of pleasure. Realizing this is the most amazing thing he has ever felt, he continues to fuck himself over and over producing multiple mind orgasms as he talks about those fags at the gym doing these things to him.

After close to seven mind orgasms, Taylor realizes that he needs to cum BADLY!

So he does just that with his legs in the air and when he is about to cum, he shoves the dildo back in his hungry ass, hits his prostate one last time, and shouts out to those gym fags, “I’m cumming dudes!!”.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Role-play scenario. Solo video. Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout.

Duration: 59:29



Title: “Lil Bro Tongue Bath”

Price: $45


**Warning** Gay degradation video. Role-play involved.

December 2017, Taylor just got home from football practice and stumbles upon his little brother Zac. He knows Zac is a fag because Taylor is always catching him staring at his muscles and bulging cock in his shorts.

So, Taylor makes Zac do just what he deep down wants to… He forces Zac to clean his dirty hole, big cock, and feet. Gay bashing/degrading and dirty talk are constantly getting poured on in this vid as Taylor makes his little bro clean him up good with his tongue after a sweaty practice.

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Role-play scenario. Solo video. Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout.

Duration: 15:15



Title: “Brotacular”

Price: $40


December 2017, Frat boy Taylor is back to talk about some hot experiences in his frat house. He describes how his bros and him get down in the frat house, and let me tell you, they sure love sucking on each other’s fratboy phlegm!

Taylor recounts multiple occasions when he has his fellow bros sucking on his tongue, smelling each other’s breath, and hocking loogies in to each other’s mouths! Sit back and listen to this Sig Ep bro tell some Brotacular stories about what really goes down at his frathouse!

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see shoulders and up. Focused on clean-shaven face. Excellent lighting. Role-play.

Duration: 7:54



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