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This week’s video release features A Sexy, Fun, Voyeur, Anal, Cum, Camshow! Talk about a mouthful! lol! 


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NOW… About that NEW VIDEO




Title: “Voyeur Anal & Cum Show”

Price: $55


February 2018, Spy in on a private cam show Taylor had with a client!  The show requests included butt play with THREE different toys followed by a HOT jerk off and cum session with a prostate stimulator/cock ring combo that really get’s the EXPLOSIVE juices flowing! If you have ever considered a live 1-on-1 cam show with Taylor, this vid gives you a good idea of the friendly, sexy, personable, and playful conversation that goes down! Get an inside peak on the fun! Be that fly on the wall that you LOVE to be!

Camera Perspective/View/Style: Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout.

Duration: 34:03




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